Citronix ci700

Citronix offers a comprehensive range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers and inks to meet all your coding and marking needs. Citronix printers offer a non-contact way to code your products, whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or other substrate type, with one to five lines of high quality text, graphics and bar codes at very high speeds.


Smart Flush

Toate imprimantele ciSeries caracteristica unica SmartFlush Citronix ca dotare standard. SmartFlush folosește solvent machiaj la închis în jos pentru a curăța capul de imprimare meniurile generatorului , duza și jgheab pentru a curăța departe orice reziduu de cerneală .

SmartFlush oferă un mod curat și fără efort pentru a porni – o imprimantă asigurând imprimare imediată de înaltă calitate și timpii morți redus în mod semnificativ prin eliminarea necesarul zilnic de curățare a capului de imprimare manuală . Sistemul funcționează prin activarea supapei de vacuum cu solvent machiaj livrare machiaj capului de imprimare . Solventul este make-up este controlată cu supapa de supapă și în vid a capului de imprimare pentru a asigura duza și jgheabul sunt curate de reziduuri de cerneală , care ar putea modifica potential o secvență de pornire de succes .

Precision Plus

Setări de viteză și calitate a imprimării optimizate, control precis pentru poziția exactă a picăturilor .

Capacități de imprimare complete , inclusiv: text alfanumeric , logo-uri , grafica si diferite tipuri de coduri de bare liniare și 2D DataMatrix ; mai multe limbi de operare ; ingrosare ; capitalizare ; tipărire inversa și inversata ; printare la 90° ( turn ) ; înălțime și lățime variabilă a anumitor caractere; numerotare secvențială ; contor produse; imprimare continuă .

PixelPlus este o caracteristică unică disponibilă numai în gama de imprimante Citronix ciSeries . Controlul inteligent al pixelilor prin intermediul software-ului Citronix permite utilizatorilor să imprime de caractere mici și mari aldine , cu aceeași imprimantă . Fără a fi necesar să se schimbe duzele , utilizatorii pot selecta Normal sau Macro pentru a imprima echivalentul a 60 sau 75 microni picături la înălțimi de imprimare între 0,06 `` ( 1.5mm ) - 0,50 `` ( 12mm ) . Prin urmare, o imprimantă poate face treaba de două imprimante


  • True WYSIWYG message editing with drag and drop field based structure provide the user the most convenient and versatile message formatting available.
  • A large quarter VGA graphical display with icon-based operation and full-size QWERTY style keyboard assure effortless operation.
  • Store over 1000 messages for simple recall during product changeovers–remotely, locally or automatically.
  • Fast, single start and stop buttons provide the user an efficient startup and shutdown routine.
  • Automatic self-diagnostics provide the user informative displays to indicate status of the system and any corrective actions required.
  • Service reminders prompt the user with preventive maintenance tasks and on-line help screens provide the user assistance without having to refer to a manual.
  • Designed for a global market, the ciSeries systems feature multiple language formats.
  • Print multi-national characters, custom graphics at the touch of a button.


    • Integrated hardware as standard, Citronix systems have Ethernet, multiple RS232, multiple programmable inputs and multiple programmable outputs including a solid-state relay output providing unparalleled communication flexibility.
    • The systems can accomplish multiple communication tasks at the same time. Information can be delivered to/from the systems simultaneously, allowing communication to remote systems, remote interfaces as well as database connectivity.
    • Scanners can be used for scan and shoot operation allowing messages to be recalled quickly.
    • Inputs provide the ability for on-the-fly remote message selection, reverse message printing or product count resetting.
    • Outputs provide methods to communicate warning or system fault conditions.


      • Citronix printing systems are used in a wide range of industries including Food, Beverage, Paper, Household, Confectionary, Bakery, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Lumber and Postal.
      • The systems can print one to five lines of high quality text, graphics and bar codes.
      • A broad range of fast-drying inks with strong adhesion characteristics provide excellent print quality at high speeds.
      • Inks are available for a variety of substrates or environmental conditions.
      • Immediate dry or environmentally friendly quick dry inks suit any application.


      • Integrated as standard all ciSeries systems feature High Speed capabilities.
      • A single line of text can print at speeds exceeding 1500 feet/minute (470M/minute), two lines over 600 feet/minute (200M/minute), three or four lines above 300 feet/minute (100M/minute).
      • High Volume applications are achieved with minimal user intervention. Fluids are added easily via external fill adapters on the fly with no interruption to the printing process.
      • Ink and Makeup reservoirs are 1.9 liter to ensure a large volume of fluid for demanding print applications that can operate weeks between fluid refills.


      • ciSeries systems are housed in rugged complete stainless steel enclosures for operation in the most extreme wet or dry applications.
      • ciSeries systems feature an IP55 (NEMA 4) rated enclosure or optionally the ci2000 systems are available in an IP65 (NEMA 4) enclosure.
      • State-of-the-art single board surface mount electronics technology coupled with integrated smart printhead and ink system components monitor critical operating functions.
      • Operating settings are automatically adjusted dependent on the environment to maintain optimum print quality.
      • A single electronic pump, thick walled Teflon tubing with a revolutionary venturi design minimize evaporation points and optimize the ink return vacuum resulting in lower consumption rates.
      • Minimizing fluid evaporation provides affordable operation and a safer working area.
      • ciSeries continuous ink jet technology allows the printhead to mount in any orientation or environment.
      • A heating mechanism allows operation in cold areas.
      • An integrated printhead valve provides clean starts and stops even when power is lost.


Lines of print 1 – 2
Character height, mm 3 – 12
Font height 5 to 16 dots
Nozzle size 65ų
Dimensiune picatura, microni Macro (75ų)
Line Speed up to 6.9m/sec
Message printing Dynamic message storage (over 1,000 messages); Alpha numerics, logos, graphics and variety of linear and 2D DataMatrix; Multiple languages; Bold;Upper & lower case; Reverse & inverted printing; Rotated character (tower) printing; Variable character height & width; Sequential numbering; Forward & backward counting; Continuous print capability
Display 1/4 VGA 7″ backlit graphical display
Screen languages Available in 40 operator languages
Keyboard Full-size QWERTY available in English, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Greek & Hebrew
Key software features ntuitive icon based operation; WYSIWYG onscreen message editing with pick and place pixel by pixel field based formatting; Wizards to simplify setup (settings, commissioning and message set up); Single button start & stop operation; Real & expiration time & date; Shift & rollover functions; Product & batch counting; Programmable password security; Automatic diagnostics; Event log; Service reminders; Backup/restore functions; Downloadable software updates
Ethernet view only
Inputs ( photocell / shaft encoder / programmable ) 1 / 1 / 0
Outputs ( programmable alarms / relay ) 3 / 1
IP Rating design IP55
Weight ( incl. printhead ) 17.4kg
Service Interval Earlier of 6,000 hours or 12 months whichever is earlier, environment/application dependent
Power 100 – 240V:3A, auto-ranging; 50 – 60Hz
Conduit 2.7m (9ft) standard si 4.6m (15ft) optional
Dimensions ( w x d x h ) 406mm (16.0”), 404mm (15.9”), 361mm (14.2”)
Ink tank 1.9 litri
Make Up tank 2.25 litri
Ink & Make Up bottles 750ml
Operating temperature 5ºC to 45ºC (41-113ºF), ink dependent
Humidity range 10 – 90%, non-condensings
Alarm beacons; Photocells; Shaft encoders; Positive air kit; Bench & floor mountings; Printhead wash station; Right angled printhead; Printhead brackets