Citronix Pigment

Citronix offers a comprehensive range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers and inks to meet all your coding and marking needs. Citronix printers offer a non-contact way to code your products, whether plastic, metal, paper, wood, glass or other substrate type, with one to five lines of high quality text, graphics and bar codes at very high speeds.


Smart Flush

All ciSeries printers feature Citronix's unique SmartFlush as standard. SmartFlush uses makeup solvent at shut down to clean the printhead drop generator, nozzle and gutter to clean away any ink residue.

SmartFlush provides a clean and effortless way to start-up a printer ensuring immediate high quality print and significantly reduced downtime by eliminating the daily requirement for manual printhead cleaning. The system operates by activating the makeup solvent vacuum valve delivering makeup to the printhead. The makeup solvent is controlled with the printhead valve and vacuum valve to ensure the nozzle and gutter are clean of ink residue that could potentially alter a successful start-up sequence.

Precision Plus

ciPrecisionPlus™ - optimized speed and print quality settings via smooth step control for accurate drop placement. Full print capabilities including: alpha numerics, logos, graphics and variety of linear and 2D DataMatrix; multiple languages; bold; upper and lower case; reverse and inverted printing; rotated character (tower) printing; variable character height and width; sequential numbering; forward and backward counting; continuous print capability


PixelPlus is a unique feature only available in the Citronix ciSeries range of printers. Intelligent control of pixels through the Citronix software allows users to print small and large bold characters with the same printer. Without needing to change nozzles, users can select either Normal or Macro to print the equivalent of 60, or 75 micron drops at print heights between 0.06`` (1.5mm) - 0.50`` (12mm). One printer can therefore do the job of two printers.


  • Most intuitive icon-based graphical user interface reducing need for operator training
  • Simple WYSIWYG message creation and editing with pick and place pixel by pixel field based structure
  • Large VGA display with full size QWERTY keyboard designed for industrial environments
  • Single button start up and shut down
  • Multiple operator languages and character sets readily accessible
  • Easy, error-proof fluids refill system – no need to open printer
  • Intuitive on-screen display of status, faults and easy access to help screens
  • Storage of over 1,000 messages, logos and artwork for fast, easy retrieval during product changeovers – remotely, locally or automatically


  • Superior print quality from 1 to 5 line printing of alpha numerics, logos, graphics and variety of
    linear barcodes and 2D DataMatrix
  • High speed printing of up to 9.8m/s – even faster with Micro (10.3m/s) and HS50 (10.6m/s)
  • Comprehensive range of printers with common electronics and software for all printing requirements
  • PixelPlus – unique software feature to change between small and large drops (60 and 75 micron) at a touch of a button
  • ciLink – on board web browser interface for remote access and control of printers
  • Direct to board Ethernet connection or RS232 as standard for networking of printers
  • Wide range of Citronix inks available including MEK, Acetone and Ethanol based inks in a variety of colors and suitable for numerous substrates.


  • Industry leading 30-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Simple, compact and robust industrial design
  • Low parts count including single board design
  • IP55 washdown protection as standard. ci3650 designed for IP65 dust protection.
  • Robust, reliable and repairable printhead
  • SmartFlush – automatically cleans printhead at shutdown, ensuring excellent start up printing performance
  • Efficiently designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Supported globally through a network of factory authorized and trained distributors


  • Excellent value for feature rich printer with extended warranty
  • Simple to diagnose and repair – no need to replace expensive modules
  • Service intervals of 12 months or 6,000 hours to reduce planned downtime
  • Advanced fluidics system for improved make up consumption
  • No expensive ink modules to replace – no ink thrown away
  • Large tanks and bottles to reduce number of operator touches
  • No partially filled hazardous cartridges to dispose of – no waste
  • No plant air required


Lines of print 1 – 2
Character height, mm 3 – 12
Font height 5 to 16 dots
Nozzle size 65ų
Dimensiune picatura, microni Macro (75ų)
Line Speed up to 6.9m/sec
Message printing Dynamic message storage (over 1,000 messages); Alpha numerics, logos, graphics and variety of linear and 2D DataMatrix; Multiple languages; Bold;Upper & lower case; Reverse & inverted printing; Rotated character (tower) printing; Variable character height & width; Sequential numbering; Forward & backward counting; Continuous print capability
Display 1/4 VGA 7″ backlit graphical display
Screen languages Available in 40 operator languages
Keyboard Full-size QWERTY available in English, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Greek & Hebrew
Key software features ntuitive icon based operation; WYSIWYG onscreen message editing with pick and place pixel by pixel field based formatting; Wizards to simplify setup (settings, commissioning and message set up); Single button start & stop operation; Real & expiration time & date; Shift & rollover functions; Product & batch counting; Programmable password security; Automatic diagnostics; Event log; Service reminders; Backup/restore functions; Downloadable software updates
Ethernet view only
Inputs ( photocell / shaft encoder / programmable ) 1 / 1 / 0
Outputs ( programmable alarms / relay ) 3 / 1
IP Rating design IP55
Weight ( incl. printhead ) 17.4kg
Service Interval Earlier of 6,000 hours or 12 months whichever is earlier, environment/application dependent
Power 100 – 240V:3A, auto-ranging; 50 – 60Hz
Conduit 2.7m (9ft) standard si 4.6m (15ft) optional
Dimensions ( w x d x h ) 406mm (16.0”), 404mm (15.9”), 361mm (14.2”)
Ink tank 1.9 litri
Make Up tank 2.25 litri
Ink & Make Up bottles 750ml
Operating temperature 5ºC to 45ºC (41-113ºF), ink dependent
Humidity range 10 – 90%, non-condensings
Alarm beacons; Photocells; Shaft encoders; Positive air kit; Bench & floor mountings; Printhead wash station; Right angled printhead; Printhead brackets